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Hows of Norms


'A cinema which specializes in showing films that are artistic or experimental rather than merely entertaining.'

- Dictionary - 


'When you place the word Art and House together..

- Norma Lit - 




Hows of Norms is een Arthouse dat online platform biedt aan kunstenaars die zich bezig houden met audio- visuele kunst. CJ Perez en Lucinda Wessels zijn de oprichters en ook residentie makers van het platform.

Kunst is belangrijk omdat het nieuw perspectief kan geven en unieke verhalen kan vertellen. Het is een middel om jezelf en anderen beter te begrijpen. Hoe staan dingen in relatie tot elkaar en hoe verhoud ik mij daarbinnen? Iedereen die zichzelf deze vraag stelt is in het bezit van een authentiek antwoord. Voor CJ en Lucinda werd de behoefte hieraan uiting te geven te groot om er niet niets aan te doen. Daarom hebben zij Hows of Norms het leven in geroepen om hun kunst en visie zo vrij mogelijk te communiceren.

Wij hopen de kijker de mogelijkheid te geven om op onze kunst te reflecteren met de vragen:

Wat zijn mijn normen?
Hoe zijn mijn normen gevormd?
Hoe veranderlijk zijn deze normen?

Hierdoor leren wij onszelf beter kennen en kunnen wij eventueel kijken met meer compassie naar onszelf, het verleden en elkaar.

Als wij onze normen evalueren kunnen wij deze reflectie gebruiken om ons af te vragen met welke normen wij nu verder willen en hoe.


Hows of Norms is an Arthouse that offers an online platform to artists involved in audiovisual art. CJ Perez and Lucinda Wessels are the founders and also residence makers of the platform.


Art is important because it can give a new perspective and tell unique stories. Art is a means to better understand yourself and others. How do things relate to one another? and how do I relate to them? Everyone who asks themselves this question has an authentic answer. For CJ and Lucinda, the need to express this is more important than ever.. Which is why they created Hows of Norms to communicate their art and vision as freely as possible.



We hope to give the viewer the opportunity to reflect on our art with the questions:

What are my standards?
How are my standards formed?
How changeable are these standards?

This allows us to get to know ourselves better and gives us the chance to look at our past and others with more compassion.


When we evaluate our standards, we can use this reflection to ask ourselves which standards we want to live by and how.


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CJ is co-founder of HOWS OF NORMS and visual artist.


As a child she discovered that expressing herself creatively was the only way for her to cope with everything that was happening inside of her. Many experiences in her childhood lead to a distorted view of herself and the world around her. If you look for it.. You'll notice there is always some form of distortion in her work.


“I grew up in an environment and culture where the definition of what was acceptable was so specific, I could never see myself in it. So I started to look for other ways in which I could present myself with confidence and authenticity. And that was art for me. It was both a protection and an outlet.”


Discovering a passion for film was a game changer for her. Combining it with her love for dance, she made it a personal quest to capture emotion though movement. Especially the raw beauty and vulnerability through which a body can move and tell a story. For her it's something words could never express.


‘As a hybrid artist I have a broad range of interests and love for many different forms of art and expression.. And film has always been the most fulfilling way to integrate all those different aspects.”


I think that the camera’s ‘objective’ point of view is a very valuable and healing perspective to have if you dare look for what it has to show.’’

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Lucinda Wessels


LUCINDA is co-founder of HOWS OF NORMS and has gained professional experience as a dance artist, choreographer and DJ. Like most artists, she is a free spirit. So quickly distracted, but above all creative, intuitive and investigative.


From an early age she has been inspired by the creativity within Hiphop dance and culture and has also learned a lot from academic styles. Over the years, Lucinda has continued to search for her own form of movement and prefers to dance from her own story / feeling with movement concepts, instead of with a defined style as the foundation.


As a teacher Lucinda also strongly believes in the authentic power and choices of the dancer and therefore gives improvisation techniques and “Urban Theater” at dance academies in addition to choreography. Lucinda is a performing artist and movement director at Hows of Norms. She will be working in front of and behind the camera and will curate the platform.

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